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We are your independent partner to unlock the full potential of 3D printing

Who we are

We are specialized in develop 3D printed products. By closely working together with you we will develop disruptive new products or significantly reduce your cost.

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Our Services

3D printing / Additive Manufacturing is just another tool in your engineering toolkit. We make sure you get the most out of this disruptive technology.

We engineer

We develop applications for metal and polymer 3D printing that make sense. Technically and financially.  

We consult

Developing business cases for 3D printing, Analyzing your inventory or be your on-the-fly partner on industrial 3D printing

We produce

Through our global 3D printing network we have access to unlimited capacity of industrial 3D printers. Metals to Plastics, Unfinished to fully machined.

You succeed

Implementing 3D printing as a production technologies takes a lot more then buying a 3D printer. We are here to support you in the full process.


  • “By collaborating with Additive Center the team of Burgaflex gained extensive insights into the possibilities with Additive Manufacturing. Is has become clear that Additive Manufacturing will not fully replace conventional production technologies. 3D printing will support various processes to become more efficient and reliable.”

    Jeroen van Nederkassel, Managing Director Burgaflex

  • “Because of your skill, work and excellence so many doors have opened to us and we are poised to expand in some really huge ways.”

    Peter Doe, Themify



Our team consists of highly experienced independent 3D printing experts with a wide range of expertises. We have gained experience in industry leading 3D printing companies on the field of metal and polymer 3D printing. 



Collaboration is key to succeed with 3D printing. We collaborate with you to understand your needs. We collaborate with 3D printing suppliers to turn your needs into solutions.



As your partner on 3D printing you can expect to have our full devotion to make a positive impact on your business. From reducing cost in aftermarket to creating new business in product innovation.

Same functionality,
Different mindset,
Better price.

CNC vs Additive Manufacturing _ 3D printing

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