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Selecting parts for 3D printing that make sense

Reducing cost by selecting the right parts and optimizing them for the right 3D printing technology

3D printed parts in your machines

Replacing conventional production technologies with 3D printing to increase your margin

Spare parts

Reduce your inventory and moulding cost selecting the right parts to be replaced by 3D printed parts.

Production line tools

Quickly iterate production line tooling towards the best possible design produced by 3D printing in bulk. 

New functionality

Use the incredible freedom of 3D printing to improve the functionality of your product.

Figures of our impact


More functionality in a single part


Reduction in time-to-market


Cost for moulding


parts with a positive business case


Future proof mindset

Spare parts 3D printed on demand

Successfully decrease the Total Cost of Ownership of your spare parts by selecting the right parts to be stored digitally and 3D printed when needed. On demand spare parts.

Smart selection of the right parts

Selecting the right spare parts in your database is a matter of technical feasibilities and economical sense. Our method enables us to swiftly select a small batch of your spare parts that can make a big impact on cost.

No more mould storage

Save digital moulds instead of keeping hundreds of physical moulds at your or your suppliers warehouses. Reduce your obsolete parts, cost of fixing moulds and mould creation cost.

Qualification of parts

In your industry it might be necesarry to qualify parts for certain applications. We work with market leading organizations to pave the way towards this new technology.

Spare parts 3D printing - Rubber - elastomeric polymers - Additive Center

3D printed rubber bushing for automotive end-use application

Production tool - 3D printing - Additive Center

Production tool for process optimization and cost reduction

Better production line fixtures, in every way

Because of the incredible design freedom we are able to increase the efficiency of your production lines. Iterating towards the perfect fixture within days and scaling up to thousands parts in a matter of weeks.

More functionality in your fixtures

The extreme design freedom of Industrial 3D printing allows us to included 5x more functionality in the fixtures of your machines. 

Faster results, Reduction of cost

3D printing your fixtures increases your development and implementation speed. Because no expensive moulds are required it reduces the total expenses significantly. 

Iterate and scale your production

Design, print, test and iterate. Transforming your fixtures from idea to production-ready parts in a matter of days. Our capacity supports you from printing your first design towards producing thousands of parts.

New functionality increasing your competitive advantage

Embracing the possibilities with industrial 3D printing means adopting a new mindset. Our cross-industry experience helps us to identify and develop new ground breaking products for your machines.

Enhanced functionality

Increase the efficiency of your machine by incorporating multiple part into one part to reduce weight or improve functionality. 

Exactly fit customer needs

Develop parts that can be digitally modified and produced customer specific on industrial 3D printers. Offer exactly what your customer desires for the price they expect.

100% future ready

3D printing is seen as one of the leading technologies in the transition towards digital manufacturing. Working with us means we will challenge and move you forward.

Machinery - 3D printing metal - Topological optimization - Part integration - Additive Center - WEMO -

3D printed machine part in Stainless Steel 316L

You’ll be in good company

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Part identification

Identification and development of multiple parts. Production tooling and end-use products.


3x 3D printing workshops
15 parts identified
2 products developed
goudsmit magnetics logo

Workshop series

Workshop series with multiple end-use parts selected and developed.

5x 3D printing workshops
2 products developed
wemo logo

Product engineering

Full blown 3D printing program with workshop series and development of end-use application currently used in core of machines.

4x 3D printing workshops
1 product developed
Mindset development

Let’s change your mindset and impact your business.

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