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3D printing as a core competence, Train your teams

We train your engineers on the best industrial 3D printing technologies with a focus on serial production.

AM workshop program.
Develop competences and applications.
At the same time. 

Training your engineers on industrial 3D printing will enable you to identify and develop 3D printed applications. Applications that will drastically improve your products, cost and productivity.

Industrial 3D printing skills

Upgrade the skills of your engineers with the latest industrial 3D printing technologies. Both metal and plastic.

Develop right mindset

The most important reason why companies succeed with 3D printing is by adopting the right mindset

Develop end-use applications

Industrial 3D printing is capable of producing end use applications that reduce cost or create opportunities for revenue.

Some numbers on our training


Metal 3D print technologies


Plastic 3D printing technologies 


Yearly cost saving on average per program


Parts identified in program


Competence development

Harness the power of 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing 

3D printing is considered to be one of the 5 disruptive technologies currently in development. With our years of experience in consulting, manufacturing and engineering we inspire and train your teams.

Know what’s possible today

There are multiple 3D printing technologies and materials that enable you to produce metal or plastic parts for your machines.

Challenge to think differently

Like any other new technology, teams need to adopt a different mindset. It’s our mission to challenge teams to rethink products and industries through interactive sessions.

Real-life 3D printed use cases

Nothing speaks more than real-life examples. Using real-life use cases we inspire teams to understand the current possibilities. In metal and plastics.

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