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Engineering Services.

Additive Center provides engineering services to optimize your machines on cost and functionality. We use industrial 3D printing for single part redesign and full redesigns of modules or products.

Our services

Part redesign

Re-engineering your existing parts to achieve the biggest impact with industrial 3D printing.

Engineering projects

We take-on entire engineering projects to improving the performance of your products.

Full assembly redesign

Redesigning of a whole assembly or a module for the best technical and cost efficient solution. 

Application concept development

Enabling new markets by integrating industrial 3D printing into your process.

Generative design

We are your specialists in designing your structural parts using topological optimization.

FEM analysis 

Digital simulations to ensure 3D printed parts will meet requirements and pass validation tests.

Business cases definition

We find and develop your business cases comparing your existing technologies and 3D printing.

“We use 3D printing / Additive manufacturing as an addition to conventional existing manufacturing technologies to create the most beneficial solution.”

Industries we support:

Food and beverages





High Tech


Consumer products

Art and design 

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