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Flexible part production for the right price

The Maritime industry is known for it’s rough conditions. Parts need to have a long life time and need to be reliable, since every hour a ship is not sailing costs hundreds to thousands of euro’s. Component repair, revision or replacement is therefore of crucial essence. Some of these challenges are perfectly suited to be solved by producing end use parts with industrial 3D printing.

maritiem motor 3D printen metaal RVS reparatie

Replacement parts for casted components

Parts of the equipment of ships need to last for a long time. This poses challenges to get the right replacement parts delivered on time without having massive amounts of inventory. By using industrial 3D printing in for example Stainless Steel these parts can be supplied on demand, only when needed.

Middels industrieel 3D printen kunnen we in o.a. RVS kunnen deze delen op vraag geproduceerd worden door ons. Bekende voordelen zijn:

Cost reduction
Less inventory
Low lead times
Water pumps

Rubber seals

Machinery on board of ships is most often produced in small quantities. Due to the small quantities it’s hard to find suitable rubber seals to be used in new or revised machinery. Supply of the seals in China is too slow and costly. These seals can be produced in small quantities on-demand using industrial 3D printers. 

Deze pakkingen kunnen op maat en in kleine oplages geproduceerd worden door ons.

No tooling cost
Custom affordable seals
Low lead-times
maritiem 3D printen lessenaar panelen

Custom interior components

Interiors of ships need to be perfectly crafted and are always custom made. It’s the heart of the ship. The interior and exterior components are therefore carefully engineered and produced in small series. Through large-scale industrial 3D printers we are able to guide you towards developing lightweight, durable and affordable interior parts. 

Custom interior parts with a high quality finish
No tooling or moulds needed
Resistant to UV, seawater etc
maritiem 3D printen aan boord van schip

3D printing aboard a ship

3D printing needs to be seen as an addition to any machine shop. For large cargo ships the benefits are even higher, as 3D printers provide you with enormes flexibility to repair or improve ships at sea. Parts are available through a digital library, can be developed aboard or via an internet connection with the mainland. 

More possibilities to maintain or repair a ship
Less idle time
Higher efficiency

Are you looking for a competitive alternative for your maritime parts? Let's explore together!

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