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Additive Application Program

The fastest way to identify and develop Additive Manufacturing applications in your organization.

AAP.   What is it?

The Additive Application Program is a structured way for companies to understand how Additive Manufacturing can help solve problems or create opportunities. With the experience of our AM experts and our extensive AM network we’re able to identify, develop and manufacture 3D printed applications taking all available technologies into account.

AAP.   For whom?

AAP. is a program for companies that understand Additive Manufacturing can be of add value for them and are ready to accelerate the development of AM applications in their organization. Our 3D printing experts guide a company’s multidisciplinary team through a structured program to ensure results. 

AAP.    The details.

A 6 month program designed to accelerate the development of 3D printed applications.

  • Identification of multiple promising applications of Additive Manufacturing in your company.
  • Covering Product innovation, Supply chain disruption and Production process improvement.
  • In-depth insight into current state of 3D printing technologies.
  • Explanation of existing business cases to understand how other companies already benefit.
  • A series of workshops with our experts to create the AM mindset.
  • Training on various 3D printing technologies to create the necessary skills.
  • Use our AM eco-partners to ensure production capacity.
  • Additive Manufacturing coaching to support in every step.
  • Lead by the independent experts of Additive Center.

AAP.    Customers.

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Want to accelerate 3D printed applications in your company?