The 3D print accelerator Get your engineers started with 3D printing

The AM accelerator is designed for companies that have little or no experience with 3D printing and are looking for an accessible and lean method to create awareness, skills and actual impact in the organization. Start with additive manufacturing today.

* AM is the abbreviation for Additive Manufacturing, the industrial application of 3D printing.

Engineering examples of industrial 3D printing

3D print example 4
3D print example 2
3D print example 6
3D print example 3

How we get engineers started with 3D printing

Looking for a lean way to start 3D printing in your company?

Our AM accelerator focusses on getting the technology started in your company. The AM accelerator guides a cross section of your organization through inspiration, education and application of Additive Manufacturing. 

The process of the AM Accelerator 

In 3 session we go through the following topics, where we start with a cross section of your team. 

Inspiration and current state of technology
Teach basic additive Manufacturing skills and Mindset
Selection of potential 3D print cases
Redesign and Additive Manufacture cases

The result of the 3D print accelerator

Engineers with 3D printing skills
Redesign case of (own) product
Understanding of potential of 3D printing
Awareness of 3D printing in organization
One redesigned part Additively manufactured


  • A maximum of 10 participant per session
  • The AM accelerator consists of 3 sessions and on-call support during redesign
  • in between the 3 sessions participants will get tasks to fulfill.