AAP. Additive Application Program

Understand the possibilities of industrial 3D printing and apply it.

AAP is an in-company series of workshops that leads a compact but multidisciplinary team of your company towards finding 3D printed end use applications. We start by showing the possibilities of industrial 3D printing these days. Together with your teams we connect this inspiration to the products, services and market of your company resulting in multiple 3D printed concepts. We carefully collaborate with your team to develop these concepts into final products.

AAP. For SME production companies

While corporates have sufficient resources to organize 3D printed competence groups, for SMEs this is often not feasible. Therefore we’ve designed this program, specially for SMEs. To train their employees and identify and develop 3D printed applications. 

The program is lead by 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing experts of Additive Center. With our extensive experience on both polymer and metal printing we challenge your employees to rethink your business, and guide them towards successful applications. Partnering with us means on boarding the expertise and benefits of a 3D printing competence group.

The potential of 3D printing

What is possible with 3D printing and how can I use 3D printing to improve my products? During the program we cover various application fields for industrial 3D printing. Based on your products and market we identify the possibilities together with your team. And yes, we understand: it’s about reducing cost or increasing revenues.
A couple of successful application field we cover:

  • Improving existing products
  • Developing new (disruptive) products
  • Customer specific products
  • Improving efficiency of your production
  • Reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


We show what is possible today with industrial 3D printing.


We train your team on 3D printing technologies that are relevant for your business. Polymer and metal.


We support you to go from idee to final product.

Business case

Together we create your business case for your 3D printing application.

A selection of our satisfied AAP. customers

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The results of AAP. 

Tailored program lead by experienced 3D printing consultants
Employees understand the possibilities of industrial 3D printing
5 to 10 applications identified
Support to develop your ideas into products
Insight into strategic possibilities for your company
Access to our 3D printing production network