Advanced Introduction to Additive Manufacturing
(1 day)

Delivered at the Factory of the Future by our expert engineers from Additive Center, this 1 day face-to-face course will provide you with the knowledge of the associated principles, processes, materials and design approaches for Industrial 3D printing.

24 march 2020

Postponed until May

26 may 2020

Is this course for you?

This course is aimed at business leaders, decision makers and anyone with an interest in discussing Additive Manufacturing (AM) with the nation’s experts. Anyone who is considering integrating Industrial 3D printing into their manufacturing processes will find this course particularly interesting.


Additive Innovation Center


1 Day


€495 (ex. VAT)



What to expect

After completion of this course, you can expect to have learned.

1. Insight into current possibilities of industrial 3D printing
2. Understand the various ways to design for Additive Manufacturing.
3. Become familiar with the various industrial 3D printing processes
4. Knowledge on post processing and quality inspection
5. Awareness on the wide variety of Additive Manufacturing materials.

Course content

During the course the following topics will be covered.

– Introduction to 3D printing
– Industrial 3D printing technologies (Metals + Polymers)
– Design for Additive Manufacturing principles
– 3D printing materials
– 3D printing post processing
– 3D printing materials
– The future of Additive Manufacturing

The group size of this course is limited to encourage interaction. This gives all the participants the opportunity to discuss individual questions.

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24 march 2020

Postponed until May

26 may 2020