Our services We will help you to explore and apply Additive Manufacturing, so your company can grow towards business you never imagined.

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Our team consists of Additive Manufacturing experts, trainers, engineers and management specialists. We support your team through the full implementation process of Additive Manufacturing in your organization.

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Finding the added value of 3D printing

Understand the potential of industrial 3D printing for your business is and be ready for the next steps.

Warehouse scan for Additive Manufacturing 

With our warehouse scan we identify a specific type of parts in your warehouse that are ideal for Additive Manufacturing.

How warehouse scans work

Strategy consultancy

Every day we work on transforming industries and companies.Wwe share this experience to guide executive teams on defining the right strategy. What are market trends in in your industries? What technologies will disrupt your business? And what is the best strategy to use these disrupting technologies into your advantages?

Industry 4.0 and the way consumers will “consume” products in the future will change. From both a technological and a commercial standpoint we give you the insights to transform your business.

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Tailored solutions

Every company is different. Want to explore the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing in a different way? Well, we love different! 

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the AM accelerator 

Get your organization to start with Additive Manufacturing through our lean AM accelerator. With your team we build awareness, skills and an application.

Accelerator your business

3D printing masterclasses

Your team needs to be up to speed with the latest development on digital manufacturing but you’re trapped in the rush of the day. We’ve seen it can be difficult for leadership teams to stay up to date with the latest technological developments, let alone the business opportunities these technologies bring. (Get inspiration here!)

We inspire, challenge and motivate leadership teams in tailored sessions around Additive Manufacturing. We work on building industry 4.0 every single day, let us inspire your team to do the same. 

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Applying the added value of 3D printing

Setting up and executing Additive Manufacturing in your company

Engineer training on Additive Manufacturing

Ensure your engineers are ready to start applying Additive Manufacturing in your company through in-house training. Our training program includes cases studies to apply gained knowledge.

We’ve got training programs on various technologies like SLS, MJF, FDM, SLM

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Engineering service

Additive Manufacturing is one out of many technologies you want to use to engineer your product. Through our expertise and the expertise of our partners we are able to support your entire engineering challenge. 

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Production implementation processes

Setting up Additive Manufacturing teams, production departments or plants need specialized knowledge and expertise. Through our careers in the Additive Manufacturing industry we’ve gained extensive knowledge to successfully deploy activities in this field for you.

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Supply Chain strategy and implementation

How can you set up your supply chain to gain competitive advantage while insuring cost efficiency and quality? That’s what our team thinks about every single day. Why? Because Additive Manufacturing will have most impact if you implement it process wide. And the Supply Chain is the back bone for execution.

We can be hired for day sessions as well as long term projects.

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