3D printing in Eindhoven

We support companies in Eindhoven with our 3D printing services such as training, part selection, engineering and serial production. By closely collaboration with you we will identify and develop groundbreaking 3D printing applications.

Why 3D printing?

Your companies can benefit in multiple ways when incorporating industrial 3D printing in your organization. 


Spare parts

Reduce your inventory and moulding cost selecting the right parts to be replaced by 3D printed parts.

Production line tools

Quickly iterate production line tooling towards the best possible design produced by 3D printing in bulk. 

New functionality

Use the incredible freedom of 3D printing to improve the functionality of your product.

Our services, to make you succeed

We realize 3D printing / Additive Manufacturing is just another tool in your engineering toolkit. We make sure you get the most out of this disruptive technology through the following services.

We Train

The right skills and mindset in your organization to successfully implement industrial 3D printing

We Identify

Reducing the cost of your machine by selecting the right parts to be 3D printed instead of machined.

We Engineer

Go from idea to physical products in a matter of weeks while iterating to the best design possible.

Cost effective parts for your machines.
We will take the challenge.