Finding and applying the added value of Additive Manufacturing within companies

The power of Additive Manufacturing lies within the business case.

Additive Center is specialized in finding opportunities within companies created by the application of Additive Manufacturing.

With our team and partners we provide a full blown service for you to succeed with Additive Manufacturing.


Implementation Additive Manufacturing in companies

Finding The added value of AM


* Strategy consultancy

* Business case sessions

* the AM accelerator 

* Scanning warehouses

* Inspirational sessions

Applying The added value of AM


* Redesign sessions for cost calculation

* Employee training on technical AM skills

* Mindset development in your organization

* Full-blown or co development of products

* Project management production implementation

* Consulting in Supply Chain strategy

We solve actual problems

Reduced cost by smart application of Additive Manufacturing in warehouses.

Products add more value to your customers by increase functionality.

Reduced development time and cost by applying AM in actual products.

Increased on time performance due to on demand manufacturing.

Organization moving toward industry 4.0.

About us

We believe in collaboration, entrepreneurship and honesty.

“Everything you need as a company to succeed in your additive manufacturing journey can be found in our people or partners. From engineers in 3D printing plastics or metal, to a OEM and supply chain network.”

We are AM experts, problem solvers, disruptors, explorers and realists

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